Launch of New Website!

Jann FreedLeading

This was an exciting month as I launched my new website that I have spent many months redesigning with my website team. Thanks to those of you who sent nice emails commenting on the new site. If for some reason you did not receive my email blast, please go to and check it out. It may be that you need to subscribe again if you want to continue receiving my blog posts and other updates.

As with other aspects of technology, nothing is perfect. But when technology works as planned, it is a great tool if used properly.

A few of you asked about my web team. If you are in need of redesigning your site, please contact me and I will put you in touch with them. They are creative, honest, and friendly. I highly recommend them because they listened to what I wanted and worked with me endlessly on the details.

Thanks to those of you who found my photography interesting. Since photography is my hobby, I make postcards and try to sell them so I can continue to make more postcards.  The goal is to break even to support my hobby.  Sometimes I feel as if I am the only one who still buys artsy postcards and actually sends them. But if you are interested and you live in the greater Des Moines area, my postcards are available for sale:

 Sometimes you have to ask in order to find them, but I am honored they agree to sell them. Thank you to these vendors.

And thank you for continuing to read my blog. Based on the emails I receive compared to the comments, my readers tend to prefer to send me emails for which I am grateful rather than comment on my blog.  But if you post a comment, we get more of a conversation going. But we are all busy and I know that takes time.

I want to say “thank you” for taking time to follow my blog. It has been about 10 years of blogging (sometimes blabbing), but my goal is still the same: to continue to learn and share what I am learning with others.

Continue to lead your life with wisdom.