Living in Portfolio Mode

Jann Freed Living, Sage-ing Leave a Comment

Living in portfolio mode as defined by David Corbett in his book Portfolio Life involves investing in yourself, but it also means spending time exploring and discovering what interests you right now and what you are going to do about it.  This blog post is going to summarize some advice I share in my Sage-ing Workshops about moving onto what’s next.  I also integrate this advice into leadership workshops and courses.  I sincerely believe the sooner you develop a portfolio mindset, the better!

  • Get out and make something happen.  Keep moving.
  • Network.  Start by being a contact yourself.  Share what you know with others.  Networking is a reciprocal relationship.  Something should be gained by both parties.
  • Build your new networks before you leave a secure position.  Find new circles of friends and colleagues by following your interests.
  • Stay focused on what matters most.  When someone asks you to do something, don’t check your calendar.  Check your goals!  Make sure you take on tasks and responsibilities that fit your portfolio goals.
  • Avoid social isolation.  Connection with friends, family, and peers is critically important for support and to encourage lifelong learning.
  • Look for role models.  Who is living a life that looks attractive?  Meet with them and pick their brain.  Learn from their life experience.
  • Shadow others.  Experience living out something new–on a trial period to inform decisions.
  • Tryout.  Explore by giving something a try.  This might be joining organizations or taking up new hobbies.
  • Expand an interest.  Take classes to learn more.  As a bad church organist in high school, three years ago I decided to take piano lessons again.  While I will never be very good, I certainly have improved and that was my goal.
  • Revisit, reflect, and rebalance your portfolio.  Investing in oneself and taking an inventory on your portfolio life every now and then takes intention, time, and energy.  But the dividends are worth it!

Start living in portfolio life mode and the sooner, the better.  Remember:

Who you are should not be where you work.  

If you are what you do and you don’t do it anymore, then who are you?  



NOTE:  Thanks to son, Mac, for sharing the Einstein photo and quote.