Relationships Are Important

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 “Leadership is not a position.  It is not a title.  Leadership is a relationship.”

Last week I posted my monthly podcast on Becoming a Sage.  Since there were major Internet issues last week, I am linking to it in case you missed it.  The podcast was my interview with Dr. Dori Mintzer who is a licenced psychologist and retirement coach who coaches individuals and couples on building healthy relationships.

Since the most important person to lead is ourself, learning how to have healthy relationships can benefit all of us personally and professionally.  As we go through various stages of life, relationships change–people change.  We lose people in our lives and we gain people.

Life can be similar to a tapestry where relationships are the threads that tie us together.  Some threads may be long and last forever.  Some may be short, not strong, and break.   Some are worth mending and others may be best left alone.  But they all add up to create the tapestry of our life.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

What is your feedback on the podcast series?  

What are you learning by listening?

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