Retirement: It’s Beyond the Money!

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This post is written for everyone age 50+ and if you are in the position to make decisions about human resource benefits or employee satisfaction.  I am marketing a new initiative called “Beyond the Money” (BTM).  To learn more about this non-financial pre-retirement benefit, please read this blog post and let me know what you think. 

If you follow my blog, you already know that for about a decade I have been passionate about helping boomers figure out what to do with the rest of their lives.  As a certified sage-ing leader through Sage-ing International, not only do I regularly blog about sage-ing  or positive aging.  A year ago I started a podcast series titled Becoming a Sage where I interview some of the top thought leaders in this area and interesting people who are finding creative ways of finding purpose beyond work.  My strategy has been to integrate what I learn into leadership development since the most important person to lead is oneself.

Now I have packaged some workshops into a series I am calling Beyond the Money (BTM).  After studying this topic for years, I concluded positive aging is not about being smart of having lots of money.  While I realize a person has to have “enough” money, enough is individually defined.  Once the basics are covered, what people are most concerned about after leaving their main career is beyond the money. 

To learn more about BTM, read a recent article written about my workshop series.  You can click here for my marketing flyer.  Some baby boomers are hanging on too long for fear of what’s next.  When this happens, you risk losing millennials if they perceive no where to go or to grow.  On the other hand, baby boomers often have the knowledge and skills to pass forward.  You may need to keep them because of the value they add.  Regardless, it helps everyone to have a life plan.

In the recent past, I had a blog series about a powerful book Designing Your Life.  A life plan adds value at any age.  If you are the decision maker and think your organization would be interested in preparing their employees for what’s next, please contact me.  If you know who would make this decision, please forward this flyer to the right person.  Thanks in advance for helping me market this important initiative.

How prepared are you for what’s next?

What is your organization doing to help you prepare for “beyond the money?”

How can you help me help others for life “beyond the money?”