Becoming a Sage Episode 11

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Welcome to the Becoming a Sage podcast, hosted by Dr. Jann. Episode 11 features Dr. Jann’s conversation with Bob Weber.


Robert L. Weber, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychology, Part Time, at Harvard Medical School and an Associate in Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. A former Jesuit, Bob was recipient of the 2014 FORSA Award, given by the American Society on Aging’s Forum on Religion, Spirituality, and Aging. The book he coauthored with Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., The Spirituality of Age: A Seeker’s Guide to Growing Older, received the 2015 Nautilus Gold Award in the category “Aging Consciously.” Bob lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has a private practice there.

To download to episode 11, click here.