Ever Wish To Be A Bird?

Jann FreedLearning, Living Leave a Comment

It has taken a long time for spring to arrive in Iowa.  But the birds are returning which is nice to see and to hear. This post is to remind you of the wonders of the world.  Stay curious.  Being interested is interesting.  Have you ever wondered how birds can fly?

For some reason, watching this video clip reminded me of growing up.  We had a trampoline and when I was not jumping and flipping, I was laying on the mat looking up at the clouds and watching the birds.  How do they fly?  In fact, often when I am in an airplane I am wondering how in the world it gets me where I want to go by flying through the sky!  I trust that I will arrive safely so I don’t have fear.  But I am curious as to the miracle of flying both for birds and for planes.

This video also reminded me of the song by Rose Cousins  “I Were the Bird.” 

Seabird soaring weightless above the sea
Wings wide for the wind to rush underneath
Open arms and everything to see
I wish I were the bird and it were me

High white waves as the ocean churns
Rushing the shoreline under the bird
Nothing is settled, everything is stirred
She is like me and I’m like her

Seabird soaring high looks so free
Baring its heart to the world it would seem
Flying alone all day does it dream
That I were the bird and it were me

This video clip is an amazing sight to see.  Where are all of the birds going?  Ever wish you could just take off and join them?