Becoming a Sage: John Sorensen

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Welcome to the Becoming a Sage podcast, hosted by Dr. Jann. Episode 14 features Dr. Jann’s conversation with John Sorensen.


After growing up on a farm in Iowa, John Sorensen heard the aerospace call and followed it to pursue 40 plus years of engineering design, corporate management, and entrepreneurial experiences. This included founding and leading three Silicon Valley technology companies. Ten years ago he heard another, deeper call—time to re-invent and dedicate himself to humanitarian service in gratitude for what he had been given. He now uses his earlier experiences to fulfill that calling as a social and environmental activist, community organizer, and future strategist. John is a co-founder of the Conscious Elders Network, dedicated to transforming our culture to one that is more caring, equitable and just, one that encompasses the wisdom and experience of the conscious elder. He currently serves as CEN’s coordinating director.

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