Another Example of a Leader with Grit, Integrity, and Character

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This post is a follow up to my last blog post about grit, integrity, and character.  In these uncertain times, we can’t find too many examples of people who live with purpose and passion.  It is important we focus on “what matters most” in life.

I wrote about the lessons learned from reading, watching, and listening to Warren Buffett in my last blog post.

The focus was on the value of having grit, integrity, and character and how these qualities are critical in these uncertain times in which we are living and working.  I mention how I believe John McCain is another example of someone who has tried to do the right thing–not always taking the partisan position.

Since McCain just came out with a new memoir, he is getting a lot of attention.  I consider this book to be legacy work.  He wants to share what he thinks, what he has learned, and he wants to encourage politicians to work together for the good of the whole.

In sage-ing talk, McCain’s book is similar to an ethical will.  While a legal will passes on tangible assets and describes how these assets are to be distributed, an ethical will passes on what matters most to us in life–our beliefs and values.  McCain wants to share his beliefs, values, and dreams with others as a way to inspire.  I believe he has processed his life experience into wisdom and he wants to share that wisdom with us at this critical time.  I encourage you to listen to this interview (posted below) on CBS Sunday Morning.

When the end of life is near, we often have the courage to say and do the right things when our ego is out of the way.

How can you use your courage now to do what you think matters most?  

When will you have more time than you have right now?

How can you use your time in ways that make a difference?