Employee Engagement is Key: Read This To Learn More About It!

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Employee engagement is critical for productivity, satisfaction, and growth.  But only 30 percent of employees are engaged in their work. Most people are disengaged or actively disengaged! This post is written for people who want to learn more about it in this post and podcast.

Mark Crowley, author of Lead from the Heartis one leadership guru I follow.  In fact, I interviewed him for my monthly podcast series called Becoming a Sage.  That interview will be posted in the next few months.  So watch for that podcast!

Crowley has written extensively about employee engagement .

Gallup has been studying employee engagement for decades based on hundreds of thousands of surveys.  Crowley had the opportunity to interview one of the key researchers at Gallup and I encourage you to listen to this podcast.  The interview focuses on the questions below:

  • “Has engagement gotten any better?”
  • “Did most organizations fully commit to creating more supportive workplaces?”
  • “Has the employee engagement metric held up as a true barometer of organizational success?”

What are you doing to help your employees become more engaged?

How are you creating a more supportive workplace?

How engaged are you as a leader?  

What kind of influence are you having on your sphere of influence?