Becoming a Sage: Tracie Ward

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Welcome to the Becoming a Sage podcast, hosted by Dr. Jann. This week’s episode features Dr. Jann’s conversation with Tracie Ward.


Tracie walked away from a successful 20-year career as a business consultant and strategist in search of answers to help her become the best human she could be and to help her sons and family members live their best lives. She combined what she discovered along her quest with her professional, personal and family experiences. In 2007 she launched the founding company, Celebrations of Life Services. Three pathways including Life Reflection Stories, Ethical Wills or Legacy Letters and Making a Difference Plans, serve as the foundation to enable these services to be more engaging, accessible and affordable for everyone. And the recent launch of the LivingWisely™ platform helps individuals live their best lives with insight and intention, and organizations utilize these innovative solutions to maximize their impact and help transform the lives of those they serve. Tracie is the President and Founder of Celebrations of Life Services and LivingWisely. She is devoted to helping individuals and families find meaningful ways to live their best lives by sharing their wisdom, values and generosity. Tracie resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her family and pets. She may be reached at: