Loneliness at Work

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In this episode, JoDee and Susan discuss employees experiencing loneliness at work with expert Jann E. Freed.

Topics include:

  • The statistics on loneliness at work
  • Why we’re hearing so much about workplace loneliness right now
  • Why people are feeling lonely at work
  • Why HR professionals and business leaders should be worried about employees’ loneliness
  • How to make friends in the workplace
  • Why relationships are important to our health and well-being
  • How we can make positive change in this area
  • Organizations that are leading the way with addressing loneliness

In this episode’s listener question, we’re asked whether there are legal protections for managers or supervisors for discussing pay or concerns about their boss.

In the news, the option to be paid daily is on the rise.

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A transcript of the episode can be found here: https://getjoypowered.com/transcript-episode-177-loneliness-at-work/

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