“Jann’s teaching and techniques have us all better prepared as demonstrated by the team incorporating the learnings that have been shared. The change management workshop has been extremely valuable for the American Enterprise team.”

- Dave Keith, COO, American Enterprise Group

Learn to leave a trail of meaning through these keynote presentations and interactive workshops.


Target Audience: Leaders of all ages

Regardless of age or stage of career, each of us leaves a legacy in the workplace. Leaders are leaving a legacy daily that can be positive or negative, based on the decisions and actions taken or not taken. Living a Breadcrumb Legacy™ is about making a difference in small ways and realizing small matters are what gives life meaning. It makes us more intentional about our actions. Legacy is often thought of as residing outside of ourselves — left for others to decide — but we can control the difference we are making for our life and the impact we are having on others.


Target Audience: Employees in their 50s and older

When people approach retirement age, they often fear loss — of identity, relationships, and structure. They fear being seen as irrelevant and adrift. In an attempt to quell their anxieties and lack of meaning, they fill their lives with mere busyness. But true fulfillment — especially fulfillment in the second half of life — requires inner work. Most of us need guidance in navigating this second life phase. We need strategies for discovering new forms of meaning, which will take us on fresh, invigorating adventures.


Target Audience: Employees in their 40s and older

Do you have a vision for your life beyond work? (If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to get excited about the journey). We’re living in unnavigated territory, and compared to our parents and grandparents, we’re getting healthier all the time. What will you do with this bonus time?


Target Audience: Employees 25-40

Life balance is an illusion, but life integration is a reality. In our 24/7 connected world, it is important for employees to design their lives for a healthy career well-being. Paying attention to health and fitness is commonplace in organizations, but career well-being is much broader than physical being. It includes the social, community, and emotional aspects of our lives. Since many people spend the bulk of their waking hours at work, learning how to take care of ourselves is critical to productivity, satisfaction, and growth.

Dr. Jann’s life mission is to be a seeker and learner who leaves a breadcrumb legacy for herself and others. She does this as an author, consultant, speaker, and faculty member.

” I left with many fresh ideas about leadership — like living my legacy and developing an ethical will — that have already begun to guide me in my own professional leadership journey and personal interactions.”

Leisha Barcus l Director, Mercy Comfort Health Center for Women