Are you living your life in the way you want to be remembered?

In this mini-course, Jann Freed, PhD gives you the keys to living your life in the way you want to be remembered. She delivers stories, case studies, science, and practical tools you can use immediately.


How to Live Your Breadcrumb Legacy™ Mini-Course

So … are you curious to know more about your Breadcrumb Legacy?
If so, let’s get started.

After you complete this mini-course, you will be able to say:

  • My identity used to be wrapped up in what I did, but now I know how to live a life in the way I want to be remembered.
  • Even though I’ve had seasons of rich relationships, I was starting to feel lonely and isolated in this new season but now I know how to cultivate and nurture relationships… new and old.
  • Even though I’d been successful in past seasons, I had lost my sense of purpose but now I have clarity and know what I want to do next.