Inspire others to achieve high performance with my “eat, pray, love” book on leadership.

Jann Freed takes the advice of more than 100 respected leaders and distills it into eight practices that underpin what it means to be a connected, engaged, and successful leader. She captures the insights of heavyweights such as Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, Stephen Covey, Marshall Goldsmith, Peter Block, and Margaret Wheatley, to present what works and what doesn’t.

  • Use the workshop and personal development suggestions to apply the eight practices into your daily life.
  • Learn from the words and personal stories of highly respected leaders. Integrate the best of yourself and your life into your daily tasks and roles.

Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses integrates current thinking and research regarding the learning of undergraduate students with principles of best practice in assessment and teaching. The book will help readers see the connection among three powerful trends in higher education today: the focus on learning and learners, the emphasis on the assessment of learning, and the need to continually improve what those in higher education do. Grounded in principles of constructivist learning theory and continuous improvement, the book provides opportunities for readers to make connections with what they already know about assessment, integrate new information with their current knowledge, and try new approaches to enhance the learning of their students. Read More

In the strongly patriarchal society of the Mexican state of Yucatan, it’s not surprising that few women have dared to challenge the gender inequalities set against them at birth. They live in an environment where rape can often be forgotten as a crime if the victim agrees to marry her aggressor and where negative pregnancy tests are often a prerequisite for employment in the maquiladora factories. This book profiles 30 women who have dared to challenge such injustices and dramatically transform their situations. From local theatre directors and choreographers to civic leaders and politicians, each woman formed a unique leadership of circumstance dependent largely on the context of her personal experiences. The profiles, based on personal interviews and supplemented by photographs, describe the women’s accomplishments and motivations as well as the obstacles they have confronted.


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