Why Compassion Is Important

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Krista Tippett was in town last week speaking about “Becoming Wise.”  Since wisdom is one of my favorite words, her work resonates with me.  While I was not able to attend, I have read her book by the same title.  I also subscribe to her newsletter “On Being” which I highly recommend if you are interested in topics such as wisdom, purpose, meaning, compassion, civility, spirituality.  Some of the writers for “On Being” I interviewed for my book Leading With Wisdom such as Parker Palmer and Marc Freedman.

I have been obsessed with thinking about compassion during these uncertain times.  As we transition as a nation from one administration to another, leading with wisdom and compassion has been on my mind.  In addition, I am taking an interdenominational course titled JustFaith where the focus is on creating a vast community of people who live and act with compassion for others.

To learn more about compassion, I recommend you watch this Ted talk by Krista Tippett.  It is worth watching–and only about 16 minutes.  Learn about curiosity without assumptions.  

Why do you think compassion is important in these critical times?

If we are in a position to influence the lives of others (parents, coaches, pastors, teachers, managers), what can we do to show compassion and build a sense of community?