I Am Making Good On My New Year’s Resolution NOW!

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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to share more of what I am learning each and every day with YOU. I am a lifelong learner and as part of making the rest of life–the best of life — lifelong learning is a key to success.

Starting on February 10th, I will be sharing by a brand new way —  by podcast. You can listen anywhere — in the car, at the gym, even in the shower. The series features interviews I have conducted with authors and experts (Sages) about how to make the rest of life the best of life.  Some of these Sages are people I met during my research for Leading With Wisdom:  Sage Advice from 100 Experts.  As subscribers, you will receive the podcast on the second Friday of every month.  In these interviews, we discuss the various aspects of life transitions and how to live a quality life for the rest of our life.  Each podcast is only 30 minutes and a great way to enrich your life once a month.

If we are what we do and we don’t do it anymore, then who are we?  

I am also on a mission to retire the word “retirement.”  We are not retiring, but we are moving on.  So the question then becomes:  What are you moving onto?  

There is so much to learn and I look forward to sharing with you even more of what I am learning.

Stay tuned.