Becoming a Sage: A Conversation with Kay Scorah

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A short history of Kay:

“After graduating in Biochemistry from King’s College, London I spent a year in the Max Planck Institut fur Biophysik in Frankfurt, and with 2 published papers in learned scientific journals under my belt, I made the rather unexpected move into market research and advertising (where I stayed for far too long!).

By the age of 32 I had been on the board of directors of 2 London ad agencies and a contributor and assistant producer on the BBCTV social history series on advertising and society, “Washes Whiter”.

For 2 years in the late 1980s I lived in Venice, California working as a strategist with clients and ad agencies, while also studying improvisation and acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. I have also studied and continue to study drama and dance improvisation with a range of teachers, and have a teaching diploma from Yoga Therapy Ireland.

I set up my company, havemorefUnlimited, in 1989, and with the encouragement and support of my clients shifted the focus of my work towards helping people from different backgrounds and cultures to communicate more precisely and clearly. I’m also a faculty member at Modern Elder Academy and LBCWiseCounsel (leadership development for legal professionals).

In November 2019 I curated and funded the Turning the Tables conference in West London – where some of the young people whom I’ve had the good fortune to meet through my voluntary work with refugees, knife crime victims and cancer patients, took to the stage to teach the rest of us how to deal with extreme uncertainty and life changing events. Links to their talks are here.

I have created, produced and performed in 3 fringe theatre shows; Never Look in the Mirror When You’re Dancing (Dublin and New York), TimeBomb (Dublin) and A Strong and Beautiful Thread (London). The last of these with my business partner and adventure buddy, Dr Paul Loper. I also write and perform standup comedy and science comedy for NerdNite London.”