Be A Memorable Leader!

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A leader needs to be someone who breathes life into people, projects, and programs.

Jann Freed
Leadership Development | Speaker | Author

Jann Freed helps organizations hire and improve employee engagement, navigate change management, or develop leaders at all ages and career of the new book “Breadcrumb Legacy: How Great Leaders Live a Life Worth Remembering,” published by Routledge.

Based on in-depth interviews with leaders in business and non-business areas, Jann’s book serves as a guide to leaving “a trail of meaning throughout your life and career.

Jann joins Audley on The Audacious Living Podcast to discuss: – Leadership development and employee empowerment; – Leadership styles and qualities; – Relationship building; – Self-awareness and feedback; – Legacy and intentional living.

To learn more about Jann and her work with leaders, or to pick up a copy of her book check out her website: