Becoming a Sage: A Conversation with Susan Latremoille

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Susan Latremoille enjoyed a stellar 38-year career as a wealth advisor. During those years, she watched many of her clients move into retirement with high hopes and plenty of money, only to become disillusioned and depressed. She was frustrated because there was no place for her to turn to help them. After selling her wealth practice at the end of 2019, Susan was determined to do something about the problem. That led her to co-found Next Chapter Lifestyle Advisors, which supports financial advisors in providing information and education about lifestyle planning to their retiring clients. Susan Latremoille CPRC, FEA, ICD.D, MBA is a win-win solution. Advisors’ clients design and implement plans for a fulfilling, balanced, and purposeful life after their careers. This facilitates the advisor to integrate their client’s lifestyle plan with their financial plan. The advisor benefits by deepening the client relationship which improves retention, and by differentiating their practice with a much-needed value-added service.

Today Susan is a sought-after speaker who focuses on inspiring advisors to up their game while benefiting their clients.